Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Chief "Exploration Lifestyle" Capsule Collection Lookbook

The "Exploration Lifestyle" Capsule Collection is composed of three tops; a Chief Solid Tee Navy and The Michael Shirt in Paisley and Hunter Green. All products will be available at The Twelfth House and Greater Good soon. Photographed by Lejan Taag & Artwork by Jerik Robleza.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Folks | Teng

"Meron kasi akong restobar dati, kaya gusto kong matutunan pa yung Cambodian food. Pinag-aaralan ko, para in the future mas alam ko na kapag nagtayo na uli ako." (I once had a restaurant/bar which is why I want to learn more about Cambodian food. I'm studying it to learn more about it, it's for my plan to put up another one in the future.) - Teng

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Seafarer Shirt Lookbook

The Seafarer Shirt comes in two colors, Navy and White. They will be available at our online shop soon.
Photographed by Erika Yamaguchi and modeled by Ricardo Garcia.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Behind The Scenes | Chief Seafarer Shirt Lookbook

It's been a bit since we released new clothes so even though a full collection is still far from being released, we do our best to keep product coming. Expect shirts to come out this month, as we just shot its lookbook last week. We partnered with our photographer friend, Erika Yamaguchi, in producing the upcoming lookbook. We shot this lookbook at an open lot while the weather was not cooperating with us, it was drizzling the whole time. However, because of how the space looked like, I think we were lucky enough that it seemed appropriate with the vibe that we were going for. We're really excited to show you guys what we have worked on.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Inventory Magazine Spring/Summer 2014

It's about time that we house my personal favorite magazine, Inventory. What sets it apart with the other magazines is its impressive well written features. Being a bi-annual magazine, it only provides more advantages for them. It gives them time to focus more on their meticulous preparation to content, making it better on every issue. Also, being that well made, one could consider Inventory as a timeless book instead of a short-lived trendy magazine off the rack. I've been collecting Inventory for a couple years already, every issue is worth it. I have learned and been influenced by their interviews and features. The detailed presentation of interviews and features makes it undeniably very engaging. And another thing that I enjoy about Inventory is their aesthetic and design. Not only that their layout is very simple and clean, the material they use perfectly fits the total aesthetic of the brand. Having to be printed to a non-glossy paper creates a rather less trendy ambiance and more craft-centric in a way. I could go on and on why I adore this magazine so much, but I think you already get my point. If you are looking for inspiration from humans of passion, craft and culture, this is, in my opinion, the best magazine publication for you.

For this issue, Inventory focuses on Dean Edmonds, Nieves, orSlow, Nepenthes, Heath Ceramics, Artek, Andrea Aranow, Haider Ackermann and more. Get to know these people and brands deeper, it is now available at our online store.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Folks | Niche Dumlao

"I'm currently a social media manager for one of the biggest agencies in the country, I'm also the marketing guy for Nick Automatic, and at times I contribute to various entities, That seems a lot but that's why I do it. I like being useful, and know my help made something move forward." 
- Niche Dumlao

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Inspiration | OK Go - The Writing's On The Wall (Music Video)

I've personally been a fan of OK Go's videos ever since that dance routine that made treadmills a little more famous came to mainstream consciousness. There are always several roads that one can take to achieve his goals, that's why it's really amusing for me to see and know how people get there. For music, the usual route is to be known for great music, that's if you get all the other things right, like being timely with what the music trend is, having to be at the right place, knowing the right people, etc. But to some, it is quite different.

Take OK Go for instance, strip them off with visuals, their music videos in particular. It does seem like they won't be in a lot of "top played songs" list in most of music enthusiasts' iTunes. This is not to say that they produce mediocre music, they definitely don't. They are extremely good in producing music, it's just that they are crushingly better in producing music videos. In our minds, when we think of OK Go and their music, we can't and won't be able to detach their brilliantly-made videos. It's their identity in our brains, and I think there's nothing wrong with that. Yes, they are musicians, but in the most general sense they are creators. Literally, they can be called creators of music, but what OK Go truly creates is an undeniable stroke of visual ingenuity which is inspired by their music.

Let's try something. Have you heard all of their songs already? If not, try going to their YouTube account, look at their latest 13 videos and choose a song that you have not heard yet. Play that song without watching the video, then after listening to it, watch the video. How do you feel about the song before watching the video and after? I bet it's significantly different. What I'm really intrigued about is the relation of the spectacular use of visuals with how we perceive OK Go's music. Have they become successful in music because of it? I believe they have.

Now, enough of this little discussion, let us appreciate OK Go's latest incredible music video for their song, The Writing's On The Wall. Just imagine how much conceptualization and effort the team has put in to produce such unbelievable video. If you're not impressed, I don't know what else will impress you.

This is a new section of Chief's blog where I share some inspirations and my ideas about it, to provoke unconventional thinking and thought-processes. I hope this will provide new perspectives that will enlighten and inspire most of you.

Photo from Resource Magazine Online